The Pottery Studio at Hoathly Hill has been operational since the end of 2004. Created by the efforts of the staff, students and friends, it is a light, airy, fully equipped space including a large electric kiln and wheel.

The pottery studio was run by Doug Moncrieff, who has now retired. From September 2015, Ingrid Vienings offers pottery and sculpture classes for children.

Ceramic is my passion. Clay is creative, meditative and therapeutic. Clay involves gaining a subtle understanding of the limits and boundaries presented within the medium itself and yet with patience and persistence, clay can be pushed far beyond its limitations. Working with clay engages 'here and now' behaviour, helping to develop personal expression and frees the practitioner from day to day stresses.

The adult and children’s classes are mixed abilities and teaching needs will depend on the individual.  


Adult session:

Wed 10am – 1pm

Child sessions:

Wed 3:45pm – 4:45pm

Fri 3:45pm – 4:45pm

Class cost

£10/hr and additional time is charged at £4.50/half hour. Additional firing and glazing charges apply.


Please email me if you wish to know more.

07780 605 065