THE SCULPTURE STUDIOS  provide a nurturing learning environment in which to express and explore your creativity working with clay, plaster, wood, stone, including pencil or charcoal drawing and paint.


The Studios, founded in 1987 by Gertraud Goodwin, have four experienced tutors and many students of all ages and abilities.


Students are encouraged to explore their potential and perhaps discover a new direction, stability or purpose in life. The atmosphere in the studios is welcoming and relaxed, making no demands on performance. The journey is the destination! 

Students either choose to follow their own creative ideas or have the opportunity to be guided using exercises to learn more about sculptural language

Sculptural Therapy and Drawing Classes are also available in the Studio.


Pottery Classes are run in an adjacent studio throughout the year for both adults and children.


Sessions for children are available in the Pottery Studio encouraging them to explore their creativity through pottery and also available in the Sculpture Studios for Waldorf inspired one-to-one sessions. 

Anyone is welcome to join us for a free taster session to get a sense of our lively and open-hearted studio atmosphere.

No previous experience is necessary. 

For any questions or further information, please don't hesitate to call one of us.


Sculpture Tuition
Maria Albiez  | Tel 01342 811 386

Sculpture Therapy
Maria Albiez | Tel 01342 811 386

Pottery Tuition
Gabrielle Marshall | Mob 07966 788 882