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Why do I come to the Studio and why I've been coming for more than 20 years? It is the atmosphere...

It embraces you as soon as you cross the threshold – so welcoming, so caring, so supportive.

Here I can be myself – create my own forms, gaining nourishment from the wonderful cross-current of ideas, advice, philosophy and, above all, encouragement from all my friends here.


There is a quiet simplicity about working among others equally concentrated, sometimes exchanging observations, even the occasional ‘Wow!’, but always respecting each individual’s core creativity.

Coffee times are an important aspect of the life here. Sometimes we have deep discussions (life, the universe and everything) sometimes it is more frivolous, but never boring. Here I find love, laughter, friendship and inspiration.


I come to the studio to experience calm and creativity.

I like coming to do something I am good at without ay fear of making errors.


Coming to the studio over the past 14 years has provided me with a great sense of accomplishment that has extended into my everyday life and my other creative interests.

Maria provides me with gentle guidance, that gives me the confidence to find my own unique expression and style to develop and unfold.

Coffee breaks are a wonderful opportunity to come together - share about one's work, have inspiring conversations and hear about current art events.


The studio has meant so much for me. It has given me the opportunity to meet new friends. The studio has also given me a chance to mature and to show my creative side. I really enjoy going to the studio. 



I am in a state of wonder at being part of the deep learning, creative exploration, support and healing that is found at the Hoathly Hill Sculpture Studios. (It is with deep gratitude that this has been made affordable to me.)

The environment, mentoring, support and accessibility at the studio is superb. I feel both held and challenged . It is an honour to study with Gertraud, one that I cherish. I very much look forward to continuing my creative exploration with her guidance.



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