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SEMI-RETIRED TUTOR | SPECIALIZING IN teaching in Metamorphosis and the Gestures of the Zodiac.


Both teaching individuals and working artistically myself, is a great and unique experience for me. The mutual support and inspiration are a great asset for each others' development.


What moves me are processes of development in space and time - metamorphosis! Working in sequences, where one form relates and develops to the next is expressive of a wholeness which relates to life as such. It is important to me that every sculpture is in itself an organic whole, where each part relates to the whole like a limb to a body or a branch to the tree trunk.

This quality of development I am searching to incorporate into my sculptures to express their coming into being out of the forces at work: open, irregularly textured surfaces create traces, evidence of a becoming, transient gesture "in process", contrasting the finished, hard and smooth surfaces which come to rest in their finality.


I was born in Germany, 1951. My first career was in nursing working as an operating theatre nurse at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh. My sculpture training at the Alanus-Kunsthochschule near Bonn, 1976 – 1979, was followed by a two-year training in Sculpture Therapy. I moved to England in 1982 where I taught at both Tobias School of Art & Therapy in East Grinstead and Emerson College, Forest Row, while working graphically. In 1987, I started to work and teach sculpture and graphics in my own studio at Hoathly Hill.

I have exhibited in galleries in London, Brighton, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.


Please email  me if you wish to know more.

T 01342 810069






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