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Tuition is given Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 1pm and is based on the academic year.

Shared Studio: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am - 1pm  (£12 per morning on a 'pay as you come' basis). 


There is a possibility to work in the studio in the afternoon without tuition. An individual financial arrangement can be made to receive tuition when needed in the afternoon.

1 morning per week per term: £230
2 mornings per week per term: £460
3 mornings per week per term: £690

4 morning per week per term: £920

1 single morning: £30 with tuition

1 single morning: £12 without tuition

6 session per term: £140

Materials and firings are an additional charge.

The facilities in the studio include various coloured clays, plaster casting, wood and stone carving. The studio has a few small machines: a power drill, grinders and a machine for sharpening tools.

Evening Class on Tuesdays

Please contact Izumi Maeda



Individual Adult Therapy Sessions (1 hour): £50

Children (1 hour): £40

Language: English, German and Japanese 

Maria Albiez | 01342 811 386

Izumi Maeda | 07874 075 246



Lateefa Spiker & Daniel Yablsey


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