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Review by Margaret Jonas


SPRING 2020, Vol. 97 No.1


Zodiac: An Exploration into the Language of Form, Gesture and Colour

by Gertraud Goodwin
Temple Lodge, 2019

This is mainly a compilation of original artworks – paintings, drawings, sculpture – inspired by the zodiac. It begins with Steiner’s verses ‘The Twelve Moods’ and their eurythmy correlations, and then shows how artists Gertraud Goodwin and Marije Rowling worked with colour during the Twelve
Holy Nights, and how other artists such as Gerard Wagner, Doris Harpers and John Salter have also developed their work, some with sculpture – for which Gertraud Goodwin is perhaps better known.
Work by Reimar von Bonin is shown in relation to the capitalsin the First Goetheanum.


The language and mood of the constellations is therefore discussed and explored in many ways. It is a valuable book to peruse, not only for artists but also for eurythmists or anyone interested in understanding the zodiac in a more archetypal way, rather than purely astrological. The wide format is good for showing six illustrations per page, but harder for reading the text. As this is not the main substance, the shape does not detract from the way in which the zodiac can be an inspiration for art or meditative work and reveals the wealth to be enjoyed from the images.

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